• HIPAA, Patient Communication And Telemedicine

    HIPAA, Patient Communication And Telemedicine

    The COVID-19 Emergency has created new demands on communications and has made clear the need to provide services remotely to the extent possible. Providers need to communicate more, between themselves and with their patients, and the time to implementation of new services to meet these needs is almost zero, leaving no room for the usual …

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  • Appeal And Recoupment

    Appeal And Recoupment

    Drafting and Defense of Recoupment is very important for any and every business owner. Whether you are a small business owner or the person owning a large corporation, every small business person knows that all attorneys can cost a lot of money; therefore it’s important to choose one who will give their best for the …

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    Medicare enrollment and insurance for seniors are two words that are sure to be used together. Not only are the two important parts of the program, but they are so closely linked that you could say that the program is “comprised” of these two elements. One of the most important aspects of the program is …


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