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Course Description

Did you hear the news? The FDA has approved an app to monitor blood sugar that does not require finger sticks!

Get up to date on the latest, greatest and cutting-edge information on mobile medical devices and mobile medical applications (MMAs) or “apps.” Healthcare technology advances today at an astonishingly rapid rate. The healthcare environment is being bombarded with an explosion of mobile medical devices and software applications touted to monitor patients, relay accurate information to providers and assist in reducing patient admissions for serious illnesses and chronic diseases. These technological advances are greatly helping patients to take ownership of their health status by facilitating healthy behaviors and avoiding hospitalizations. Increasingly, over time, physicians are recommending these technologies for their patients. Patients are asking their doctors about them. Become informed of the latest approved technologies and use them to your advantage.

In just one-hour, obtain an in-depth review of mobile medical devices and apps available on today’s market including the numerous and recently approved FDA mobile medical devices. A wide variety of healthcare apps will be reviewed from Apple’s iTunes and the Google Playstore. This webinar will share examples of how hospitals are developing their own apps in an ongoing endeavor to keep their patient populations healthy.

The FDA oversees mobile medical devices and medical apps. In some cases, the FDA considers medical apps to be medical devices. FDA regulations for medical apps have been determined and information on the types of apps that do not qualify for approval will be provided. In comparison, Apples’ regulations for mobile medical application developers will be reviewed.

There are known and accepted risks to using these devices and apps. The benefits are weighed against the risks when deciding to use a mobile medical device or app. The decision process is much like reviewing the warnings prior to taking a new medication or signing an informed consent for undergoing a surgical procedure. Increased awareness of additional privacy and security measures implemented for mobile medical device and app technologies has helped decrease some of the safety concerns.

The market has flourished with increasing adoption rates, continued innovation and overall impact. There are more apps available to manage chronic diseases, a very costly health concern in the U.S.

Mobile health devices and apps have some recent technological achievements that are exciting and amazing! Participate in this webinar and wee how they are aiding in preventive medicine, improving health outcomes and, at times, saving lives.

Areas Covered In The Session:

  • Moore’s Law
  • The Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Mobile Medical Device and App Users
  • Mobile Medical Device and App Uses
  • New 2016 Mobile Medical Devices Cleared by the FDA
  • COWs, WOWs and VEAL
  • Advantages of Medical Apps
  • FDA Regulations for Mobile Medical Apps (MMAs)
  • MMAs not FDA Approved
  • Apple’s New MMA Guidelines
  • MMA Categories
  • Apple Apps & MMAs
  • Google Apps & MMAs
  • Hospital Apps
  • Popular Medical Apps
  • Medical Journal Apps
  • Data Security Concerns

Learning Objectives:

Attendees will be able to:

  • Define  Moore’s law of exponential growth and the pace with which technologies are progressing in the present day.
  • Define “The Internet of Things” (IoT) and provide examples
  • Identify specific groups of mobile medical device and app users
  • Describe various mobile medical device and app uses
  • Identify and describe the 2016 FDA-approved mobile medical devices
  • Describe COWs, WOWs and VEAL , where user feedback is helping developers to improve functions at the point of care and better meet user needs.
  • Discuss the advantages of mobile medical apps (MMAs)
  • Discuss FDA regulations for MMAs
  • Identify types of MMAs that are not FDA-approved
  • Discuss Apple’s new MMA guidelines
  • Discuss MMA Categories
  • Discuss Apple Apps and MMAs
  • Discuss Google Playstore Apps and MMAs
  • Discuss and identify hospital apps
  • Identify popular MMAs
  • Identify Medical Journal Apps
  • Discuss concerns involving mobile medical devices and apps

Target Audiences:

  • Anyone desiring to learning about the latest mobile medical devices and apps
  • Healthcare students and residents, medical school faculty and deans
  • Healthcare providers and professionals
  • Healthcare CEOs
  • Healthcare CFOs
  • Compliance Officers
  • Healthcare Attorney
  • Healthcare IT Directors and staff
  • Healthcare practice office managers and staff

About Our Speaker:

Valerie McCleary, MS, RHIA, CCS has been working in the healthcare profession as a Health Information Management professional for over 40 years. She has served as a Program Director, Assistant Professor and course developer at several colleges and currently is working as an adjunct instructor at Southern New Hampshire University. She has served as a Health Information Management Director, Supervisor, HIPAA Privacy Coordinator and worked many years in medical coding and abstracting. Her expertise includes higher education, academic programmatic accreditation, health information management, health informatics, medical coding, project management, privacy and security. She has many years of experience working in Public Health and as a consultant and workforce trainer. She has given numerous live and virtual presentations. She has authored articles relative to health information management and academics.


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