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Course Description

As our practices become more technologically advanced, the risk of privacy breaches increases.  It is not only necessary, it is MANDATORY that you evaluate your own privacy and security practices and what you must do to mitigate your risk.

Everyone wants to be HIPAA compliant, but it is a  time consuming, overwhelming & frustrating task. Buying a fill-in-the-blank template does not equal HIPAA compliance, and doing nothing, or saying “I didn’t know” can result in willful negligence. Translation: Fines that start at $10,000 and go up exponentially for each violation. One practice suffered a $150,000 fine as a result of a stolen thumb drive, another was slapped with $1.2 million fine for a security breach involving a copy machine.

Audits are a reality, and you could have as little as 10 days to comply, or risk fines in the tens of thousands of dollars for each occurrence. During this webinar, we will clear up some of the confusion around HIPAA  so you can gain a better understanding of the steps required to achieve compliance and protect both patients and the practice

Key Highlight of The Session:

  • 25 steps to HIPPA compliance
  • Roles and responsibilities of the compliance officers
  • Major components of the  mandatory  risk analysis
  • Breach notification: when  the media needs to know!
  • Benefits and drawbacks of  “free “ email
  • Business associate agreement
  • Way to avoiding penalties
  • Information required for an HIPAA audits

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the steps to mandatory HIPAA compliance
  • Discover what is included in comprehensive risk analysis
  • Determine what functions the Privacy Officer, Security Officer, and Technology Officer are responsible for
  • Learn who Covered Entities and Business Associates are and why it matters
  • Recognize the new required changes to the Notice of Privacy Practices Form
  • Know who you must have a Business Associate Agreement with
  • Understand breach notification: who must be notified and when
  • Identify how to avoid fines that could place the practice in financial ruin
  • Acquire the skills to manage and resolve privacy complaints

Target Audiences:

  • CEO
  • CFO
  • Compliance Director
  • Privacy Officer
  • Security Officer
  • Information Systems Manager
  • HIPAA Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Health Information Manager
  • Healthcare Counsel/lawyer
  • Office Manager
  • Contracts Manager

Meet The Presenter:

Theresa Sheppard, RDA, has extensive  experience of over 35 years, including over 25 years as an office manager, uniquely qualifies her to train dental teams. She speaks on Risk Management, HIPAA & Mouth-Body Connection. She is speaker & author with experience in all clinical and management aspects of the dental office. Theresa’s passion for dentistry and love of teaching merged when she became the Owner and Director of Career Express Dental Assisting School, as well a provider for the California Radiation Safety Course and Dental Board Of California Continuing Education Provider. Theresa is a member of many professional organizations.



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