What’s Missing From Your Psychotherapy Charts: Writing Great Progress Notes


Format: Live Webinar
Presenter: Barbara Griswold, LMFT
Event Date: 02/09/2021
Time: 1 pm ET | 12 pm CT | 11 am MT | 10 am PT
Duration: 90 Minutes



While you may shiver at the idea of an insurance plan, ethics committee, or licensing board requesting a client chart, this is happening more frequently – even if you don’t work with insurance. Unfortunately, if you are like most psychotherapists, you never received training in how to write notes. And you may not realize how your current note-keeping habits can hurt you – and your clients.

This webinar is the training you never got in writing notes. It will teach you to write brief notes that will meet legal, ethical, and insurance plan expectations, so that you can feel confident about your notes. You’ll be introduced to several note templates, and get the rare opportunity to see examples of what your progress notes should look like. You’ll learn the key elements of a great intake note, and the 10 things insurance plans require in our session notes.  We’ll even discuss tips on staying on top of your notes.  You’ll see how well-written records can be a therapist’s best defense in a complaint, and can assist your clients in getting needed treatment or disability approval.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify how superficial, vague, or unreadable notes can harm therapists and clients
  2. List what insurance plans expect from an intake note
  3. List what insurance plans expect from a progress note
  4. Identify a common documentation practice that is actually fraud
  5. Identify 3 telehealth documentation requirements
  6. Be able to differentiate between progress and psychotherapy notes as defined by HIPAA
  7. Learn to document “medical necessity,” the criteria health plans use to approve care

Areas Covered in the Session:

  1. Why Don’t Therapists Keep Better Notes?
  2. Why Therapists Should Keep Better Notes
    • Required by Many State Laws, Ethics Codes, Insurance Plans
    • How it can Assist Therapists
    • How it can Assist Clients
  3. What Insurance Plans Require in Initial Evaluations and Ongoing Progress Notes
  4. Understanding the Key to Treatment Approvals: Documenting Medical Necessity
  5. Why There Has Been an Increase in Chart Reviews
  6. Sample Progress Notes
    • “Can This Progress Note Be Saved?”
    • SOAP Notes Format
    • DAP Notes Format
  7. 10 Situations When You Should Take Extra-Detailed Notes
  8. Reasons Charts Might be Requested
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Suggested Attendees:

  1. Hospital Executives
  2. Any psychotherapist that needs to keep session notes
  3. Licensed Counselors and Psychotherapists
  4. LMFTs
  5. LCSWs
  6. LPCCs
  7. LMHCs
  8. Pre-licensed Psychotherapists
  9. Associates and Trainees

About the Presenter:

Barbara Griswold, LMFT is a private practice consultant and the author of Navigating the Insurance Maze: The Therapist’s Complete Guide to Working with Insurance — And Whether You Should, now out in its 8th edition.  She is celebrating 30 years in private practice in San Jose, CA.  She writes a monthly blog entitled “What EVERY Therapist Should Know About Insurance,” and has taught hundreds of trainings on insurance and documentation.  She has been interviewed on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition, and her articles have appeared in the Psychotherapy Networker and The Therapist magazines.  Barbara has also  served on the State Ethics Committee for the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.  Her passion is helping therapists nationwide to master the business side of their practices. She invites you to contact her at theinsurancemaze.com.

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Headset: Any decent headset and microphone which can be used to talk and hear clearly

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