OASIS D was implemented in 2019 yet agencies are still struggling with how to answer the new GG and J questions and starting in January 2020 OASIS D-1 changes will start. In addition, the OASIS impact on reimbursement has changed under PDGM including new OASIS functional items. Strong documentation is the key to accurate coding when identifying the appropriate primary diagnosis to determine the clinical group and all pertinent diagnoses relevant to payment. The upcoming regulatory changes will increasingly bring challenges to clinician’s documentation competency for both payment and to meet the CoP standards. But not all the burden falls on the clinicians

In this comprehensive session, the home health and hospice expert Diane Link, RN, MHA, will review the OASIS D: GG and J questions and how best to assess and answer questions to best describe the patient condition. We will discuss the new OASIS D-1 changes including time points for data collection and optional reporting items.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the OASIS GG items
  2. Identify the OASIS J items
  3. Understand best practice for assessment of GG items
  4. Understand the rationale and responses of GG items
  5. Understand the OASIS J rational and responses
  6. Identify the additional OASIS D1 follow up items
  7. Identify the optional OASIS items and timepoints per OASIS D1 guidance
  8. Identify OASIS items impacting reimbursement

Areas Covered in the Session:

  1. Reason for changes in OASIS D
  2. Reason for changes in OASIS D1
  3. Identify each GG items (20 items)
  4. Best practice for assessment of each GG item
  5. OASIS guidance for answering each GG item
  6. J Health conditions item
  7. Identify best practice for data collection of J items
  8. OASIS guidance for answering J items
  9. OASIS D1 changes for follow up items
  10. OASIS D1 23 optional OASIS items and time frames

Who Should Attend:

  1. Administrators
  2. Clinical Manager
  3. Home Health Billers
  4. Clinicians (RN and PTs)
  5. Home Care and Hospice leaders
  6. Director of Nursing
  7. Compliance Officers
  8. Acute Care providers
  9. Public health Professionals
  10. Emergency Responders
  11. Program Managers
  12. Certified Health Educators

About the Presenter:

Diane Link is a RN with  over 25 years of home health and hospice experience. She is currently owner of Link Healthcare Advantage, providing home health and hospice consulting services including operation assessments, survey readiness, regulatory and compliance programs, outsource QAPI program and outcome improvements.  

Her experience includes a variety of roles in home health and hospice from field nurse to executive director. She has experience as a surveyor for home health, hospice and private duty services for CHAP (Community Health Accreditation Partners). She  has been providing consulting services for over five years as a director of clinical consulting at a large consulting company and now as owner of her own agency. She is known for her passionate innovative presentations at state and national conferences along with her insightful webinars.

After Registration

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System Requirement

Operating System: Windows any version preferably above Windows Vista & Mac any version above OS X 10.6
Internet Speed: Preferably above 1 MBPS
Headset: Any decent headset and microphone which can be used to talk and hear clearly

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